Basal Cell Skin Cancer and What You Should Know about It

Basal cell carcinomas are the most common cancer, skin or otherwise. Because they are so universal, doctors have a wide range of information and can successfully treat them most of the time. Cancerous lesions can also be removed with minimal disfigurement.

Although there are ways to watch out for BCCs, it often takes a trained eye to distinguish between a real carcinoma and false flags like eczema or psoriasis. Since basal skin cancer presents as subtly as irritation or redness, with or without discomfort, self-diagnosis can be difficult. Our basal cell skin cancer doctor in Encino treats many cases that began as easily as a persistent or non-healing sore, which is one of the danger signs for carcinoma.


You should perform regular head-to-toe skin exams, so you always know when differences appear. Sometimes bumps develop that look like moles but are carcinomas in their earliest stages. Be especially aware of any pink growths with elevated, rolled borders. If you spot something that looks wrong, contact your Encino skin doctors right away.


The simplest truth about basal cell skin cancer is that it is induced by the sun. Take precautions anytime you need to be in the sun, for any time at all.


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