What Facial Procedures Can Change Your Appearance?

Just about any facial cosmetic surgery can alter your appearance, however, there are a few procedures that seem to produce more dramatic results than others. Perhaps the most common of these is the nose job. Others include a face lift and a forehead lift.

Anyone who has taken a look at rhinoplasty before and after pictures might be amazed at how much of a difference there can be in the appearance of the entire face after the size or the shape of the nose has been altered. This is because a good surgeon will make changes that work well with all of the features of the face to bring about overall facial balance and harmony.

It is not surprising that a face lift can provide a dramatic change. This is because some excess skin and tissue is removed after being raised up to certain areas along the hair line. The tissue is then reattached to create a firmer, smoother look.

A forehead lift, or eyebrow lift, can also have a major impact. The skin in the upper portion of the face appears smoother. The lifting of the brows also creates a refreshed appearance.

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