Juvederm and Its Cost

To combat the advancing signs of age, slight measures are best. The more subtle the treatment is, the more natural the results are. Juvederm is a wonderful new product that plumps hollow skin and flattens wrinkles, using hyaluronic acid in a smooth gel. The product is injected from a syringe straight to the relevant area.

At our San Fernando Valley dermatologist, the cost of Juvederm will depend partially on the number of syringes required. If a patient wants multiple injections, she may qualify for a discount. Otherwise, a standard per-syringe rate will apply, competitive with industry standards.

Keep in mind your Juvederm cost is also partly geographical. Because of our proximity to the beauty capitals of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, your rate will be higher than if you were to get Juvederm in states like Alabama or Michigan.

Juvederm restores lost vitality in a way that is natural and recyclable by the body. After using Juvederm many patients discover a curiosity about other products that tighten the skin and improve appearance. Juvederm is often a first experience with personal enhancement and we want you to be satisfied.

For more about Juvederm cost in San Fernando Valley, contact our office.

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