How Much Does Rhinoplasty Usually Cost?

It can really be difficult to determine the total cost of a cosmetic surgical procedure. These costs often vary depending on your individual features, the skill and experience of the surgeon, and even the geographical area where the surgery will take place. For example, rhinoplasty cost in Beverly Hills may be more than the same procedure in Little Rock.

The national average for a nose job is close to $5,000. Again, a rhinoplasty surgeon in Beverly Hills may charge quite a bit more for a similar procedure. However, price should not be your only consideration when getting a nose job as results are what really counts.

The average price listed is for the surgeon’s fees only. You will need to pay for use of the surgical facility, anesthesia, and other expenses that are required and related to the procedure. Additionally, you may wish to factor in not only expenses that you pay out, but money you will not be able to earn while you heal. It may take several weeks before you can return to work after cosmetic surgery. It is best to calculate all expenses related to the surgery to get your cost.


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