Asian Eyelid Surgery Compared to Upper Eyelid Surgery

There is a slight difference between the techniques of an upper eyelid surgery and an Asian eyelid surgery provided by plastic surgery specialists. These two treatments are actually very similar because they involve improving the look of the same treatment area, but there is more consideration to an Asian eyelid surgery. With any ethnic treatment, our specialist has to be very careful with the way that the rejuvenation is carried out. Too much change is actually going to eliminate some of the unique characteristics of the Asian eyelid that the person wants to retain.

Our expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills does not want to change the overall contour of the eyelid, but it is possible to create a new crease in a monolid if needed. This makes the eyelids more defined without actually causing a major change to take place in the process. On the other hand, our expert in upper eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills works on all types of patients that want a great rejuvenation. This process follows a pretty simple set of steps that include removing some extra skin, eliminating any bulging fat from the upper eyelid area, and lifting the underlying tissue to appear more youthful.


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