Eyelid Surgeries and Rhinoplasty

It might seem like a good idea for someone who wants to change the appearance of the nose and the eyelids to have the surgeries completed at the same time. While this is quite possible and even preferable for many patients, it is not always the best choice for everyone. It is advisable to discuss your specific situation with a Beverly Hills eyelid surgery expert to determine if a combination procedure would be the best option for you.

In those who qualify, lower cost may be expected due to only paying for use of the medical facility and anesthesia one time. Healing can occur one time, all at once, reducing the amount of projected down time required.

However, an individual may not need both surgeries, as can be seen in some rhinoplasty before and after images. This is especially true with the lower eyelids. Certain surgeries on the nose can also affect the eye area, either negatively or positively. Depending on the desired look that you wish to achieve, your surgeon can make the best recommendation on if you can have the surgeries at the same time or if you should have the procedures completed separately.


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