Lip Augmentation through Surgery

Although it is possible to temporarily augment the lips with filler injections, surgery is the only way to get a lasting result in the way that you can maintain easily. Some patients are only interested in adding size so that their lips are more plump and fitting with other facial features. Others seek the treatment as a way to improve their smile or eliminate permanent wrinkles caused by age or smoking. Regardless of the goal, it is often possible to achieve a great looking fullness with the addition of soft lip implants. These are inserted through a small tunnel that the Beverly Hills lip augmentation expert creates within the surface of the lip to result in a natural fullness.

Another popular technique to augment the appearance of the lips through surgery is a lift. This technique is provided with the removal of a small piece of skin right at the base of the nose. By shortening the distance between the top lip and nose, the upper lip is going to seem more pronounced. It helps create a more attractive smile for people that do not feel confident with their natural appearance. With any of the surgical solutions, there is no reason that maintenance would become an issue because the fullness is going to last as long as it is desired.


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