Steps in Eyelid Surgery

An eyelid surgery procedure basically follows a strict set of steps according to the actual goal that you are trying to achieve. Our Los Angeles eyelid surgery expert uses the initial consultation as a way to figure out the best recommendation of treatments according to specific issues. It becomes easier to determine the steps needed when there is enough information to guide all of the decisions that you have to make.

With a basic upper eyelid rejuvenation, the specialist is going to complete a few steps after general anesthesia is used to eliminate all sensation in the treatment area. An incision is made to create an access point for the entire eyelid to allow the doctor to remove fat and rejuvenate internal muscles as much as needed. The skin is also tightened before the sutures are ever closed so that the area can appear considerably more youthful. An Asian eyelid surgery is very similar, but it is a bit more discreet in terms of how much change is made to the actual contour of the eye. Double eyelid surgery might use the same steps as a rejuvenation, or it can often be completed with the specialist only adding a few sutures under local anesthesia.


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