Purpose of Otoplasty

An Otoplasty is the industry term for plastic surgery that helps to improve the size, shape, or other physical abnormalities involving the ears. Our Beverly Hills Otoplasty expert actually provides professional help to people of all ages, even small children that are too young to realize that they have an issue. Their parents may wish to correct a simple birth defect that caused the ears to form unusually so that they can grow to live a normal life. Adult patients usually want to improve the size of their ears so that they look more fitting with the rest of the face, but they could also desire an Otoplasty for repair damage.

Cauliflower ear repair is one common purpose of Otoplasty because there is no other way to remedy this unfortunate physical issue. Although it does not actually cause issues with the function of the ear, it is difficult to feel confident when knowing that it is noticeable. The surgeon can build onto the natural size of the ears if they seem too small, or pin back ears that seem to stick out a bit too far. There are a lot of ways that an Otoplasty can be completed, but the general purpose is the help the individual feel better about the way that they look.


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