Why to Have Eyelid Surgery

There is no real question about the effectiveness you are going to notice in regards to an upper eyelid procedure. If you wake up each day feeling overwhelmed with the level of age that is starting to show in the eyelid area, surgery is a smart way to get a lasting resolution. The right candidate will find that our Beverly Hills eyelid surgery expert has a lot more to offer than simple skin tightening. There are actually multiple steps in this specific procedure to ensure that every patient has a very natural looking and satisfying rejuvenation.

Eyelid surgery makes it possible to remove those pockets of bulging fat that tend to accumulate below the brow bone. It is not needed to retain the natural contour of the upper eyelid area, so the doctor will remove all or most of the fat during surgery. All of the tissue should be evaluated for potential lifting if it has fallen from the original position, and is now causing a look of heaviness. The reason that the specialist is so thorough is to give patients a way to feel more confident with their appearance, especially in exchange for making such a significant investment of their time and money.


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