Asian Eyelid Surgery Candidates

The majority of Asian eyelid surgery candidates are seeking treatment because they want to transform the definition of their lids. A candidate for this surgery would have a natural monolid that is free form a skin crease, causing some level of narrowness. Although it is not unusual for an Asian person to have a slanted contour to their eyes, it is not always best to keep their natural shape if they are severely narrow. A good candidate would have plenty of benefit from a discrete widening of the eyelid caused by the surgery.

Our Asian eyelid surgeon in Beverly Hills also offers treatment to people that already have a natural double eyelid. These patients usually want a rejuvenation the same way that aging people of other ethnicities desire. A rejuvenation procedure is invasive and requires that the specialist minimize excess fat and skin. It is best to choose general anesthesia when this is done because the area is very delicate and difficult to ignore. Not only would the patient possible experience some discomfort, but they may feel uncomfortable being conscious throughout the surgery. You can find out everything you need to know about becoming an Asian eyelid surgery candidate and the various details by having a consultation.


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