Surgery for Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck surgery is one of the most involving and effective solutions offered by our plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, but it is a major commitment. A patient has to feel comfortable with weeks of recovery after they have the doctor decrease abdominal fat and skin. It is worth the sacrifice if you have a condition that our expert in tummy tuck surgery in Los Angeles feels is severe enough to treat.

Every tummy tuck is invasive because skin reduction requires incisions, especially if you need considerable work. Most people are under general anesthesia as the surgeon makes an incision from one hip bone to the next to begin treatment. As the abdomen is exposed, the muscles can be tightened with sutures to increase definition in the outer appearance. Any stubborn fat is completely removed from the area because it is not necessary for the patient to have a great looking stomach. After the surgeon is satisfied with the level of improvement beneath the skin, the outer layer is draped tighter and minimized to leave a remarkable smoothness in the final result. There may be slight variations to the treatment depending on the work that you need, but it is worth the chance to look your best.


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