When to Have Eyelid Surgery

There is no set age or time in your life that you should feel is best to have an eyelid surgery. Determining if you are a candidate can happen at any age that you feel a significant desire for visual improvement. If you have noticed that your eyes always look tired or heavy, it is probably a good time to start considering the benefits of rejuvenation. However, when these issues are very mild and difficult for others to notice, the surgeon is likely going to tell you to wait a few more years.

Patients that are treated by our expert range from elderly to young adults, even though their symptoms can be very similar. Lifestyle factors and genetics usually determine how fast a person will shows the signs of aging in their upper eyelid area. You might experience this very early in life and feel that you need to do something about it as a young adult. On the other hand, you might be one of the lucky people that does not experience these issues severely until you are closer to retirement. Everyone deserves to look their best at any age, so do not hesitate to have your eyelid surgery consultation as soon as you feel that it is right.


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