What Difference Can Rhinoplasty Make?

The difference that a rhinoplasty should make is a boost in self-confidence when you are able to feel good about the way that your nose looks. Not all patients have major concerns with their appearance because issues with the septum can prevent airflow through the nasal passages. Increased facial harmony and restored function of the nose are the main reasons that a person would request the help of a rhinoplasty surgeon. When working with a professional that is very experienced, the difference you should experience will be very worthwhile and noticeable.

As you will see in rhinoplasty before and after pictures, the majority of patients want to make conservative changes to their appearance. This means that they have a more perfect and attractive looking nose, but it does not end up looking fake or over-corrected. Individuals that cannot breathe through both nostrils have either suffered an injury or have a naturally bent septum. These patients will go through a significant improvement that no one else will be able to actually see, so conservative changes do not mean a lack of success.It is important for the doctor to be able to make a big difference without making it obvious that work has been done.


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