Is Facelift for Everyone?

There is no facial plastic surgery treatment that is suitable for absolutely every single person, even if they feel it could provide an improvement. A facelift is a very serious commitment to rejuvenation, and it is usually only recommended to individuals with severe symptoms. Anyone that is interested in rejuvenation for mild symptoms might be advised to wait a few years or to select a less complex treatment. A consultation with our expert in facelift in Beverly Hills is the perfect chance to find out if you are a good candidate physically, and it will help you understand other options if it is not recommended.

A traditional facelift is meant to treat many different aged areas during a single treatment for a very dramatic rejuvenation. People that do not take the time to really consider the individual problem areas might think that it is easiest to cover the biggest areas. This is actually dangerous because results could be compromised if you choose to rejuvenate areas that are still youthful. Tightening muscle and skin that do not need lifting can result in that over-corrected and distorted appearance that every patient should try their best to avoid when they are choosing a treatment.


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