Candidates for Facelifts

It might seem like common sense, but there are actual requirements that a person must be able to meet before they are considered a good candidate for a facelift. This is a highly invasive technique that involves a significant amount of rejuvenation to multiples areas of the face. It is not suitable for every single person that is interested because not everyone actually needs a lot of improvement. Jumping into such a major treatment with mild symptoms simply creates more opportunity for the doctor to accidentally create distortion in youthful areas.

A good candidate has plenty of potential for improvement, really understands the treatment, and has no medical concerns that would leave them ineligible. The treatment performed by any surgeon could be ruined if the patient is not healthy enough to heal adequately in the typical time frame. There could be other more dangerous complications involving the anesthesia if you are not cleared medically. If you want to to become a good candidate for a traditional facelift, you must commit to the evaluation process before the doctor will agree to treatment. You might otherwise be advised to pursue a different option, such as a laser rejuvenation or a chemical facelift.


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