Is Hair Transplant Right for Me?

If you are suffering from hair loss and do not want to deal with anymore temporary solutions, a transplant might be the right step to take. Our plastic surgeon in Los Angeles does have to determine if you are a candidate for hair restoration by evaluating the condition of your scalp. Other factors that might contribute to the decision regarding your candidacy include family history, your personal medical history, and a good attitude about the treatment in general. Some patients continue to experience issues with hair loss, even after they have received a transplant, and it is important to understand that risk.

The procedure performed by our expert in hair transplant in Los Angeles starts with the removal of donor hair follicles. It requires a healthy patch of hair that will be able to continue growing once placed into the treatment area. Anesthetic is provided so that the entire treatment is without pain throughout the time that the follicles are removed and then replaced. Results are not immediate and the donor area is going to shed any hair that is attached to the follicles before the new growth begins. Begin the pursuit of this treatment by schedule an examination by the hair transplant surgeon.


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