What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

It is obvious that eyelids do not come in a universal shape, especially when considering uniquely ethnic features. A procedure was developed for Asian patients that want to change the features of their eyelids permanently. This specifically relates to the tight, flat monolid that many people do not find aesthetically pleasing. The double eyelid surgery is performed in a few different ways, with one being a simple non-invasive procedure. Your consultation is going to provide the greatest indication of the treatment you should receive from the expert in double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles.

The most effective way to create a double eyelid is through one of the techniques that helps create a crease through scarring. Rest assured that the tiniest scars are capable of providing enough of an indentation to leave a permanent double eyelid. If a patient has certain rejuvenation needs, the procedure will either feature a full incision or multiple smaller incisions along the eyelid. However, the simplest option is to have the doctor perform the double suture and twisting alternative that provides a very similar result to real surgery. Base your decision on the double eyelid treatment that is recommended by the doctor so that you achieve the results you want.


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