What is Eyelid Lift?

The eyelid lift procedure is a rejuvenation surgery that targets the skin and tissue just below the eyebrows. It is a common area that an older person might feel is losing attractiveness because it creates an expression of fatigue or anger. This sends off the wrong message to friends, family, and colleagues that might not realize that it is simply a case of sagging skin.

The procedure offered by our Los Angeles eyelid lift expert is an invasive, yet effective, technique. If you have a natural eyelid fold, this area will be used to create the only incision needed in the treatment. Special tools are inserted beneath the skin to locate the lowered tissue so that it can be adjusted back to a youthful position. Any unnecessary fat that has accumulated above the eye is also removed if unnecessary for a natural looking contour.

After the interior work has been completed by the doctor, the final step is to pull the skin tighter so that it appears flat and smooth. The extra skin is cut away so that it can be sutured shut, and then treatment can be repeated on the opposite eye. The doctor will make sure that every patient has a very effective and even rejuvenation from their treatment.


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