Types of Double Eyelid Procedure

Our plastic surgeon in Los Angeles offers three different levels of double eyelid surgery to Asian patients. The reason that there are so many variations is because every individual has unique needs that they want to address. A flat eyelid that does not need any rejuvenation is easy to treat with the placement of sutures alone. Unfortunately, thick skin is a pretty common problem for people that have a monolid appearance. This can only be corrected with incisions to create the separation that will result in a fold in each lid.

The technique that helps patients that only need a mild rejuvenation is the partial incision double eyelid surgery. It allows the doctor to use small tools to remove some tissue and fat to create more definition, and the resulting scars leave the crease. If a lot of rejuvenation is needed to improve skin that is drooping or weighed down by sagging tissue, the full incision surgery should be the best solution. This type of procedure requires removal of a piece of skin above the eye that will help achieve more youthfulness as well as the double eyelid appearance. There are benefits to experience through each technique, so allow the doctor to make a recommendation for you.


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