New Options in Plastic Surgery

When most people think of plastic surgery, a face lift is probably the first thing that comes to mind. While that is still a procedure that is being used to great effect, there are a variety of new options in plastic surgery as well.

An Asian eyelid surgery is a procedure that is designed to place a crease in the eyelids of patients who were born lacking such a crease. This is a condition that affects about half of the Asian population. Depending on the needs and anatomy of the patient, either a suture technique or incision technique is used to place the crease. To see some typical results, it can be helpful to look at some Asian eyelid surgery before and after photos.

Non-surgical procedures are also gaining in popularity in the field of plastic surgery. Dermal fillers and Botox can be used to add volume to your face and eliminate wrinkles. These liquid facelifts, as they are called, produce effective results without the need for scalpels or stitches. Lasers are also being used as a non-invasive option for tightening skin. If these types of non-invasive procedures interest you, contact our expert in non surgical eyebrow lift in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.


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