Endotine Brow Lift and Its Advantages

The endotine brow lift is a technique that requires the insertion of a unique, dissolvable implant. Similar to the traditional forehead lift, the skin and tissue will be rejuvenated in a way that improves the contour of the brow area. Our expert in eyebrow lift surgery in Beverly Hills prefers to use a tiny endoscopic camera to get a good look at the muscle beneath the surface of the skin. This is inserted through a small incision in the upper hairline so that the rejuvenation does not cause much trauma. Once the tissue is lifted as much as needed, the endotine implant is placed to hold it securely throughout the time it takes to heal.

One major advantage is the reduced amount of healing time compared to a more traditional lift. The entry wound is divided into two smaller incisions rather than one major cut at the hairline. There is no risk of the tissue separating or falling from the rejuvenated position once the expert in endotine brow lift in Beverly Hills puts the implants in place. In addition, they are designed to gradually dissolve, rather than require another surgery for removal after you have already spent time in recovery.


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