What Difference Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Make?

The unique double eyelid surgery technique helps Asian individuals achieve a more attractive appearance. Although change is not always desired, a flat eyelid can be very narrow and undefined. By using incisions or sutures to create a thin indentation in the skin, a permanent crease is going to appear above each eye. It is often seen as more attractive to have double eyelids because they are more shapely and defined. One major difference that patients notice after treatment from our Los Angeles Asian eyelid surgery expert is the ability to open the eyes wider.

A big difference is noticeable if you compare Asian eyelid surgery before and after pictures during the consultation. You will more easily be able to understand more about the different techniques and benefits of each option that is available to you. If one of your goals is to receive a rejuvenation to the loose and wrinkled skin, the biggest advantage will be achieved by undergoing an invasive double eyelid surgery. On the other hand, if you are younger or have very youthful skin, it will be possible to achieve the a great looking result from the placement of sutures alone. Trust your surgeon to give you the best recommendation so that you are sure to end up with great results.


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