Upper Eyelid Surgeries and What to Expect

There is not much variety when it comes to upper eyelid surgeries because it is such a small area in comparison to the rest of the face. Our upper eyelid surgeon finds that the majority of treatments target Asian patients with a flat eyelid that desire a double eyelid fold on each side. Other patients have concerns with the symptoms that they are experiencing as a result of getting older. Loose skin, lumps of fat, and permanent wrinkles are all problems that are targeted during upper eyelid rejuvenation surgery.

Every single patient should expect that the plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills is going to provide the best treatment possible. Regardless of the amount of difficulty involved in your surgery, adequate expertise of your surgeon is going to help you feel at ease. If everything goes as well as the doctor anticipates, recovery should only take a couple of weeks if you limit yourself to minimal physical activity. There are a lot of specific questions that only your doctor will be able to answer based on your unique case. Get to know your surgeon at the initial consultation to find out more specific information about the procedure and potential side effects you can expect.


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