When is a Revision of Double Eyelid Surgery Necessary?

When you go in for the initial consultation for your double eyelid surgery, the doctor will set the expectation of a great result if everything goes well. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to plastic surgery, especially considering the problems that can arise as your body recovers. As a patient, you may feel that a revision is necessary at the slightest indication that your results are not exactly as you anticipated, but your results will improve as healing progresses.

A few days after your surgery, the doctor will want to see you again to assess the results you are experiencing in the initial phase of recovery. Speak about any concerns that you have because the doctor might agree that a revision is necessary in your case. The Beverly Hills double eyelid revision surgery expert usually finds that the majority of problems occur with the visibility of the creases. Revision is also necessary if the overall appearance of your lids is uneven as a result of any rejuvenation that you received. There may be less obvious problems that make you feel unsatisfied enough to request a revision, and you can qualify if the surgeon is confident that progress can be made.


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