What You Can Achieve through Facelifts

It is obvious that you can tighten skin with a facelift, but there is much more to the actual procedure. A patient that goes through a full rejuvenation will have their brows, eyelids, and cheeks lifted to a more youthful and attractive height. The skin itself might not require much tightening, but our facelift surgeon thoroughly rejuvenates the tissue beneath the surface as well for a totally smooth result. If the treatment is performed adequately by a skilled doctor, it is possible to look many years younger than the day you schedule the first appointment.

You can see evidence of results other patients experienced in their facelift surgery before and after pictures. Although you may not have exactly the same problems, it can provide some clarity regarding the different types of surgeries available. If a full lift is not necessary, you might choose to have an upper facelift to improve your forehead and brows. Other people have a lot of fat and skin near their jaw that will respond best to a cheek lift alone. Base your decision on expert advice provided after you have an examination to avoid over-correction or facial distortion that typically results from choosing the wrong procedure.


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