Results of Brow Lifts

Low brows are not typical of a younger person, but it can occur in early adulthood if you are unlucky. Even if you are only starting to notice that your skin is drooping at an older age, the results provided by our brow lift surgeon are highly beneficial. With a multitude of treatment options, there is a solution that is going to fit your exact needs when it comes to brow rejuvenation. A more severe problem is typically treated with the most invasive procedures, such as the traditional forehead lift. A minor issue with asymmetry or flattening might be corrected with a simple direct brow lift. Your results are going to truly depend on the symptoms you are experiencing and the treatment that you choose to pursue for correction.

Check out brow lift before and after pictures to understand the placement of incisions and areas that are targeted with each surgical option. It is going to help you make the most educated decision about your own surgery so that you do not end up with any unusual distortion or an inadequate result. Our surgeon is also going to provide their professional recommendation after you have gone through a full brow evaluation.


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