Procedures for Lower Facelifts

The two main surgeries that our doctor focuses on when it comes to improving the bottom portion of the face is a neck lift or lower facelift. Problems in this lower cheeks might begin higher due to sagging fat or skin, but this does not mean that the issues do not begin in the immediate area. If fat has accumulated due to weight gain, it can create bulkiness near the jaw and under the chin. A lower facelift surgery has the potential to fix both of these issues in a simple process.

Our facelift surgeon in Beverly Hills can begin a typical treatment with an incision behind the earlobe to access the internal tissue and fat. There is also an option of going in through the mouth to remove a portion of the fat with less risk of visible scarring. The only way to rejuvenate the outer skin is to create an outer incision so the doctor typically performs the entire procedure with only one wound. If there are additional problems resulting in fat beneath the chin, a neck lift might be suggested as an alternative or a combination procedure. Rest assured that there is always a way to achieve the specific type of rejuvenation that you feel is necessary to restore your confidence.


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