When is Eyelid Revision Surgery Necessary?

There are only a few reasons that our surgeon is going to feel that a revision eyelid treatment is absolutely necessary. However, if you feel that you are unhappy with results after your first surgery, there is always a chance to undergo a revision. It is truly up to you to decide if you feel that you cannot live happily with the procedure you have undergone.

One serious condition that needs to be treated by our double eyelid revision surgeon in Beverly Hills is extreme tightness. If the skin is very thick or tight to begin with, making a cut in the surface might cause the problem to worsen through improper healing. Some people that desire the eyelid fold notice that it does not hold on both sides after they have gone through the recovery. This typically happens when sutures are used and the body decides to reject them. You might need to have a more drastic treatment so that a real scar can form the crease that you desire. Give it time to truly understand the quality of your results before you jump to the conclusion that you need another treatment performed by our double eyelid surgeon in Beverly Hills.


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