How Much Does Eyebrow Lift Surgery Cost?

There are always options to explore if you are serious about undergoing an eyebrow lift. A very common concern of patients that have never received any other surgery is the total brow lift cost. If you are on a strict budget, it might be easier to afford temporary filler treatments until you can save for real surgery. Hyaluronic acid and Botox do wear off within a few months and you will have to continue paying for any additional treatments that you receive.

Determining the cost of a more invasive brow lift procedure requires the help of a surgeon. The initial consultation is going to point the eyebrow lift surgeon in Los Angeles in the direction of the right treatment. A conservative direct or lateral lift is going to involve less steps and complexity, but they may not be the most beneficial for the problems that you are experiencing. If you do need to rejuvenate your forehead or create symmetry in the brows, it is worth paying a higher price for the right treatment. Ask for price details during your first consultation so that you can truly understand all of the factors that contribute to the cost of each brow lift technique.


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