Side Effects of Eyelid Surgeries

The majority of your healing after an eyelid surgery is going to involve staying at home and observing your side effects. It is a good idea to understand the typical issues that you can expect, as well as the signs of serious complications that could develop. Your body is going to experience changes that are not typical of your normal life, so you need to get as much information as you can before going home.

Discoloration caused by the trauma of the treatment is not a concerning side effect unless it does not improve after a few days. Expect to deal with noticeable puffiness in the same area that will subside as long as you keep your head elevated. Cold packs the first few days are recommended by our Beverly Hills upper eyelid surgeon to provide temporary relief from the pressure of swelling. If you undergo a rejuvenation, another side effect that is common is a feeling of unusual tightness. As long as you can comfortably close each eye, there is no reason to feel immediate concern. However, if there are issues with closing your eyes, you should meet with our expert in upper eyelid revision surgery in Beverly Hills for an examination.


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