Why Would Facelift Surgery Require Revision?

The reason that most facelift surgery patients end up requiring an additional treatment is to fix over-correction. This is a major problem if the surgeon is inexperienced or too much rejuvenation is provided than what was needed. It is easy to create a distorted appearance if there is not enough care put toward creating a conservative rejuvenation. Other patients that require a revision have lost symmetry due to complications after the procedure. Underlying muscle may be lifted and secured with thin sutures that does not hold long enough for the tissue to fully heal. When this tears away, the result is going to look abnormal. If you have experienced any of these problems, our Beverly Hills facelift revision surgery expert can help with an additional treatment.

A less serious complication from surgery is a lack of noticeable results. There may be loose skin or deep wrinkles remaining in areas that you anticipated a youthful rejuvenation. Rather than feel depressed over the results you missed out on, it is possible to consult with our Beverly Hills facelift surgery expert for a revision. Even if you do not have an emergency situation, you deserve priority treatment if you have undergone a rejuvenation that did not accomplish your appearance goals.


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