When Upper Eyelid Surgery Does Not Work

Unfortunately, surgery to improve the appearance of the eyelids is not a procedure with an exceptional success rate. The quality of your results truly depends on the experience of the surgeon that you work with, as well as the complexity of your issues. If you do find yourself with unsatisfying results due to an unsuccessful surgery, you always have a chance to achieve an improvement with a revision from our surgeon.

You might feel as though you need an upper eyelid revision soon after the conclusion of your original treatment. These small flaws that you notice right away, such as puffiness or mild distortion of your eyelids, typically improve throughout the recovery process. However, sometimes they do not. If you have waited a few weeks and continue to feel unsatisfied with the results, you can meet with our eyelid surgeon in Beverly Hills to receive suggestions regarding your revision options.

A common reaction to a botched surgery is to feel defeated regarding the possibility of achieving good results. Our surgeon does not rule out the candidacy of any patient until a consultation is provided. Some of the most complex problems can be resolved with the help of a professional that truly understands anatomy and the steps needed to guarantee attractive results.


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