When Eyelid Surgery Doesn’t Work

There is a small chance that a double eyelid surgery may not work if the recommended procedure is not performed. This is a problem that can occur if a patient makes the decision to undergo the double suture and twisting technique when they truly need a full or partial incision. On the other hand, they may be considered a good candidate for DST procedure, because they do not need any rejuvenation during their eyelid procedure and the sutures fail. Usually this is a complication caused by the body rejecting the sutures before they have a chance to create the permanent fold above the eye.

If you have undergone a treatment that did not work, then you should visit our LA double eyelid surgery expert for another evaluation. It might be possible to get the results you desire by going through a more invasive surgery after you have fully healed. This guarantees that the new fold above each eyelid is permanent, as a minor scar is formed. Although the expense and inconvenience of double eyelid revision might not be ideal for any situation, the decision to work with our doctor gives you the best chance at finally achieving the results you want.


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