Results You Can Get Through Double Eyelid Surgery

Without a consultation with the expert, you may believe that the double eyelid surgery is strictly there to make a fold in the flat skin. This is only one result that a patient with a natural born monolid can achieve by undergoing the double eyelid surgery. If you are young enough to find the best success with the double suture and twisting option, then you will not need to undergo any rejuvenation. There are advantages to this method, but you can get more benefits from other techniques if you are also looking to tighten the skin.

If your skin is no longer tight and young looking, our Beverly Hills double eyelid surgery expert provides a couple of options for you. One option is the partial incision method of producing a double eyelid that involves a few minor incisions. Some rejuvenation is possible as this is performed, but you will end up with minor scars from the incisions. Patients that are more suited to the full incision treatment have the most difference in their double eyelid surgery before and after pictures. As a small piece of skin is removed, the doctor can rejuvenate as much as needed in order to show a more youthful double eyelid crease. Your current condition will mainly influence your options, so an evaluation is necessary to determine the results you can achieve.


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