Eyelid Surgeries and Their Success

Eyelid surgeries can address a host of issues that affect the eyelids. These issues can be cosmetic in nature, but they may also be functional. If you are considering an eyelid surgery, then you may be curious about their rate of success.

The good news is that eyelid surgeries have never been safer or more effective. If you are suffering from a droopy eyelid, then an upper eyelid surgery is particularly effective at correcting this issue. If you have developed wrinkles and sagging skin under your lower eyelids, lower eyelid surgeries are able to address this undesirable condition. If you are someone who suffers from a monolid, then you can really benefit from a double eyelid procedure. A monolid is an eyelid that lacks the natural-looking fold that many people possess. This procedure is especially popular with the Asian community, as about fifty percent of this population suffers from a monolid. That is why it is sometimes referred to as an Asian eyelid procedure. Contact our expert in double eyelid procedure in Los Angeles to learn more about this option. If you have already had a double eyelid procedure performed that you are unsatisfied with, contact our expert in Asian eyelid revision in Los Angeles to set up a consultation.


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