Procedure for Lip Augmentation

The procedure that our Los Angeles facial plastic surgery expert recommends for patients desiring a lip augmentation typically includes fillers or an implant. During the first consultation, it is determined whether the patient has the desire to make a permanent commitment to their results. Filler is a great way to get a preview of the enhancement results, but most people would rather skip the inconvenience of having to repeat the treatments every few months.

An upper lip lift does not actually increase the size of the lips, but it can help make the top area appear more noticeable. Patients that want to enhance both lips would be more suited to an implant procedure. A small tunnel is created in each lip so that the expert in lip augmentation in Los Angeles can insert the small implant. Results of the procedure are the most extreme for the first couple of weeks after the treatment, but this is mostly a side effect of swelling. The side effects of filler are the least bothersome of the procedure options, with the implants being the worst. A few weeks of irritation are worth getting the lip augmentation that you truly desire, especially if you choose to undergo a method that provides a permanent enhancement.


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