Procedures Involved in Eyebrow Lift

The options for a brow lift are not limited to only one procedure, because every patient has a different level of aging. The skin on the forehead may be loose and wrinkled, making the brows fall lower on the face. This is typically improved with the Endotine implant procedure or a traditional forehead lift.

The brow lift surgery expert in Beverly Hills finds that people who are experiencing the majority of sagging toward the outside of their brows should undergo a temporal or lateral lift. This pulls the skin and tissue outward above the ear to improve the position without rejuvenating more than what is necessary. An added benefit of this procedure is the likelihood that the upper eyelids will also experience some level of rejuvenation.

A minimally invasive option performed by the expert in brow lift procedure in Beverly Hills is limited to the exact area. This technique is a direct brow lift, and it requires minimal incision right above the sinking area. The skin it tightened and removed through these incisions so that there is minimal trauma and recovery for the patient. It is best to eliminate the procedures that are not going to adequately improve your condition so that it is easy to figure out the most suitable option.


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