Results You Can Get with Double Eyelid Surgery

A successful double eyelid surgery performed on an Asian patient should result in the elimination of the flat monolid. This appearance occurs naturally in some people, and it is not always a look that is considered attractive or desirable. Although this is strictly a matter of personal opinion, our Los Angeles double eyelid surgery expert provides patients with a way to change their monolid appearance.

Results are not limited to creating the double eyelid fold if the patient has noticeable signs of aging that demand rejuvenation. Fat that accumulates in the single upper eyelid is not going to go away without being treated through surgery. Excess skin may not be an issue for some patients that have a considerably tight piece of upper eyelid skin restricting the opening. Others might have loose skin that is unsightly and problematic to deal with.

If you want to get an idea of the results that you can achieve through this procedure, ask the doctor about viewing their double eyelid surgery before and after pictures. These images show real patients that have entered the same office with similar goals for their appearance. Never pass up the opportunity to preview the benefits of upper eyelid rejuvenation along with the creation of the distinct double eyelid fold.


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