What You Can Do If You are Not Happy with Asian Eyelid Surgery Results

Patients of the Asian ethnicity that undergo cosmetic surgery to change the characteristics of their eyelids may be eligible for a revision. After a few months have passed from the date of the initial procedure, our expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills can provide a thorough examination. If the original treatment did not provide adequate results, it is almost guaranteed that a patient can become a candidate for revision. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances that would make a revision unsuccessful at achieving the goals of the patient. This involves the creation of a double eyelid fold through invasive techniques. Invasive techniques create scars, and you cannot erase a scar.

Rejuvenation techniques on the eyelids leave a chance of uneven results if they do not heal symmetrically. One eye may suffer from ptosis that would make the eyelid look significantly droopy when compared to the other. Regardless of the signs, it is easy to perform an Asian eyelid revision surgery on the side that is lacking results. Recovery will be similar to the original treatment with the benefit of only experiencing the side effects on the rejuvenated eyelid. Ask the surgeon if the concerns that you have can be fixed with a successful revision to the original Asian eyelid procedure.


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