Eyelid Lift and When It Works Best

An eyelid lift is one of the more straightforward facial plastic surgery procedures that our doctor offers. The treatment is always performed under anesthesia, as it involves invasive surgery to achieve a full rejuvenation of the upper eyelid area. One small incision is made in the existing natural crease of the eyelid, just large enough to maneuver the surgical tool beneath the skin. Any extra fat that is creating any bulge or puffiness is then removed until the area appears smoothed. The next step is to lift and minimize the remaining tissue to determine the amount of skin that should be cut away.

This procedure performed by our expert in upper eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills is ideal for adults of any age that are experiencing noticeable puffiness or sagging. Although you may feel that you are too old or that your condition is too severe, this treatment is actually the most beneficial for this type of patient. It works best when there is considerable room for improvement, because the results will be very noticeable and natural looking. Our Beverly Hills upper eyelid lift expert offers a physical examination to any patient interested in our help. This is a great way to meet the surgeon and determine if the individual is a good candidate for rejuvenation.


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