When is Upper Eyelid Surgery Needed?

The facial features that show signs of aging the earliest tend to be the upper eyelids. They begin to hang lower, gain extra fat, and form deep wrinkles in adults of all ages. Although there is no way to prevent this unsightly aging, having an upper eyelid surgery will effectively treat all of the mentioned problems with one procedure. The results with this surgery are far greater than what any lotion, serum, or makeup can conceal or eliminate.

Any healthy adult that feels self-conscious or unhappy with the appearance of their upper eyelids may consider surgery as a solution. If this sounds appealing to you and your needs, the best thing to do is to begin with a consultation to find out more about the procedure and your candidacy. Our Beverly Hills surgical plastic surgery expert is more than happy to provide an examination and fully evaluate any concerning medical conditions you may have to ensure that this is a safe option for you. Invasive treatments are the best way to get long-term results, but it is necessary to consider the need for a safe recovery. Before you make a final decision, speak with our expert in upper eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills to ensure that treatment suits your lifestyle and resolves your concerns with appearance of your upper eyelids.


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