Non-Surgical Options for Facelifts

Using invasive options for a facelift are not always necessary if the patient has a condition treatable through alternative methods. A liquid facelift is a very popular solution that can help people avoid the expense and inconvenience of true surgery. The placement of Botox helps the facial skin lift into a more youthful position without the need of any cutting. Other fillers can be added to smooth wrinkles and provide a mild plumping that is synonymous with youthful individuals.

Laser treatments are another solution provided by our Beverly Hills non-surgical facelift expert. The gentle device stimulates the production of new collagen so that the fullness and elasticity can be restored over time. The results of this technique are typically more long-term than a liquid facelift, but it is more of a gradual change.

Patients appreciate the opportunity to test the results of a facelift without making the financial commitment of invasive surgery. A liquid or chemical facelift is going to require more work every few months as the substances wear away naturally, though. If you are interested in finding out more about either of these solutions or about a traditional facelift, our facelift surgeon in Beverly Hills would be happy to offer a thorough comparison.


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