What to Expect from Asian Eyelid Surgery

There are two different types of patients that decide to undergo an Asian eyelid surgery in order to improve their appearance. One scenario involves individuals born with a flat, single eyelid that they want to augment that is commonly known as a monolid. This double eyelid procedure is an effective way to define a fold that appears naturally along the upper lid. Luckily, there is several technique options that our expert in Asian eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills performs based on your current condition of the patient, including a non-invasive option.

The other reason that individuals of the Asian ethnicity seek the help of our surgeon is to have a simple rejuvenation. Surgery is not going to provide a new eyelid crease, but the incision is very similar. The technique allows for the doctor to eliminate excess skin and tighten the upper eyelid area with the consideration for the unique eyelid characteristics. Working with patients of the Asian ethnicity is a unique challenge to provide rejuvenation without causing the actual shape of the eyelid to change.

If you are considering either treatment, attend a consultation and ask to view the Asian eyelid surgery before and after photos. This is a great way to figure out if you are ready for surgery and which option is going to be the most beneficial for your goals.


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