Purpose of Endotine Brow Lift

A traditional forehead lift is used to treat the entire area from the scalp to the eyebrow, causing a considerable amount of tissue trauma. Our expert in brow lift surgery in Beverly Hills warns that this type of treatment can take weeks to adequately heal from the normal side effects of swelling and soreness. Luckily, the purpose of an endotine brow lift is there to achieve the same level of rejuvenation without such an inconvenient recovery.

Our Beverly Hills endotine brow lift expert makes two minor incisions in the hairline that are basically lined up with each brow. Small instruments are then inserted under the skin to pull the sagging tissue tighter that will create a smooth, lifted result in the brow and forehead. Traditional techniques require the use of sutures to hold the tissue during the healing period, but endotine implants are a much better alternative. Each tiny implant features multiple points that securely hold the tissue in place with no risk of accidental tearing. After a few weeks, the implant actually dissolves naturally, so it never has to be removed through a revision surgery. There is much less trauma necessary to complete this type of procedure, meaning that patients get to experience the benefit of a shorter recovery.

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