Non Surgical Options for Improving Eyebrows

There seem to be quite a few invasive options for patients who desire a rejuvenation to their eyebrow area. Fortunately, people who would like to avoid going under the knife have alternative solutions. The liquid or chemical brow lift provides exceptional results without requiring anesthesia, lengthy recovery, or the risk of permanent over-correction. Another solution is the use of laser treatments to gradually improve the quality of facial skin in the area.

Our Beverly Hills non surgical brow lift surgery expert has perfected the technique of using injectable fillers, such as Botox, to lift the eyebrows gently. It is a less expensive way to test out the potential results of an invasive surgery without the serious commitment or financial investment.

The other treatment offered by our Beverly Hills brow lift surgery expert involves the use of a gentle laser. This solution provides a gradual improvement the more laser treatments are repeated, because it boosts collagen production and skin elasticity. There is no need for an invasive cutting, trimming, or lifting of the underlying tissue to appreciate a rejuvenated appearance. If you are interested in finding out your options for avoiding the invasive techniques of surgery, consult with our plastic surgeon.

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