Revision of Rhinoplasty and When It is Necessary

If the results of a rhinoplasty surgery do not turn out exactly as the patient desired, a revision is not always necessary. Having minor imperfections may not be a major annoyance when looking at the big picture of achieving a more perfect nose. Any patient interested in a nose job has to be realistic about their expectations in regards to the improvements possible through surgery.

A rhinoplasty is necessary if a patient is unable to breathe through their nose, even if it is only on one side. Unless this was an issue prior to treatment, it indicates that there is a blockage somewhere in the nasal cavity. With having a very invasive surgery that required breaking the existing bone to achieve reshaping, complications can occur if the doctor is not careful to address it. Our expert in revision rhinoplasty surgery in Beverly Hills has also treated patients who have structural problems due to excess size reduction. The entire nose can end up collapsing unless the doctor performs a revision to add a piece of donor cartilage that will reinforce the shape. Regardless of the result of your first nose job, you may find that having a revision procedure is necessary to finally achieve the look and function you desire.

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