How Much Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Cost?

The average price of an Asian eyelid surgery is a factor that many patients have to consider before making the commitment. Not all surgeons are going to charge the same exact fee, and different types of Asian eyelid procedures are going to vary in cost. Any invasive techniques performed by our Beverly Hills Asian eyelid surgery expert will be more expensive than the non-invasive alternative. This is due to the complexity with creating incisions and the requirement for general anesthesia to comfortably perform this type of treatment.

A patient that is interested in the lowest Asian eyelid surgery cost in Beverly Hills has the option of the double suture and twist technique. One factor that lowers this cost is that it does not require general anesthesia, because it is considered non-invasive. Also, it is not as complicated to perform as either of the incision methods. Unfortunately, not all patients are considered a good candidate for this option based on certain factors. If the eyelids show significant signs of aging, the invasive techniques will provide adequate rejuvenation, along with the creation of a double eyelid crease. No matter which technique is recommended for your treatment, you should feel confident in the investment you are making with the skill of our talented surgeon.


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