What You Cannot Do After Double Eyelid Surgery

Our Los Angeles double eyelid procedure expert provides patients with very detailed recovery instructions to follow after their procedure. Understanding what risky behavior to avoid after your surgery is an important element in not compromising the quality of your results. Because it is non-invasive, there are generally less restrictions for a patient who has undergone a double suture and twisting surgery.

The restrictions after any invasive treatment include the avoidance of activities that are physically demanding. Anytime the body needs to heal, it requires rest and relaxation in order for progress to be made. Wounds need to stay clean and dry, so avoid swimming or any other activities that would expose your wounds to unnecessary moisture. A moist environment can promote the growth of bacteria that may lead to a dangerous infection. Cosmetics should also be avoided until the doctor decides that it is safe to use such products.

Use common sense throughout the recovery process. It is wise to ask the expert in double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles as many questions as needed to understand your best path forward. Give your body the opportunity to heal at a time when it needs it the most, as you do not want to put yourself at any risk of compromising such an important result.

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