Do I Need a Double Eyelid Revision?

Patients can be faced with the necessity of a double eyelid surgery revision if their original treatment has failed. Failing can be due to the results only showing in one eyelid, or if they both simply did not have a defined crease once treated. As long as you have allowed enough time for recovery from the original surgery, there is always a chance to receive a revision surgery to ensure you with your goal results.

The most common issue with this type of surgery is that the results are not as noticeable as the patient first desired. A defined crease may not be visible if the eyelids have healed with the same flat look as before. This is a major risk in people that choose the non-invasive double suture method rather than relying on the invasive incisions. It is recommended to proceed with a Los Angeles double eyelid revision surgery that involves more reliable methods.

Some people may also need a revision, because their eyelids are no longer symmetrical as a complication of the first surgery. The crease may not be visible, one eye may sag more than usual, or there is more rejuvenation needed to achieve the best looking result. It is very important that both eyes look the same and are symmetrical, even if it requires repeating the entire process with our Los Angeles double eyelid surgery expert.


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